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TSLG Unveils Newly Designed Website: Easier to Find Information on Fastening Solutions

Taiwan Self-locking Fastener Group (TSLG), the leader in value added fastener products, is the only company authorized by Nylok® in Taiwan. The self-locking processing services provided to global electronic technology and traditional industries areas. TSLG plays a very important role by committed to enhance customer products quality and reliability on high value-added. Support customer to create products competitive internationally.

The website www.nylok.com.tw highlights TSLG reputation throughout the world in different industry such as automotive, aerospace, military, recreation, technology and truck/agricultural applications. Visitors can also use the website’s “Specification Finder” to discover individual manufacturer specifications for each product. The current lineup of products and processes described in the website starts with the self-locking NYLOK® BLUE® Patch which eliminates the need for lock-washers, are reusable and provide exceptional vibration resistance.

The website also features PRECOTE®, 3M®, Loctite® adhesives for sealing and locking; NYCOTE®, a fluorocarbon WHITE® TEFLON® PFA powder coating that masks threads against weld spatter and buildup from electrodeposited primer and paint. Also, orange NYTEMP®, a high-temperature resistant locking element;NYSEAL®, a fused sealing element that creates a gasket-type seal and prevents leakage of fluids under pressures up to 500 psi; NYTORQ® brand lubricant; NYSTAY®, a temporary locating patch for threaded and unthreaded fasteners. Also, NYPLAS®, a plastisol material that provides sealing and noise-dampening; the BLUE® NYLOK® self-locking patch for miniature fasteners as small as #00 and M1 and NYPLATE® anti-seize lubricant that prevents galling in stainless steel assemblies.
Now we are face of the financial crisis, the fasteners supplier chain need to be constantly aware of industry products and services to enhance value-added in order to construct the core of enterprise competitiveness. Taiwan self-locking fastener group (TSLG) is one of the professional contribution and look forward to create prosperity opportunities.

For more information, visit the TSLG website at www.nylok.com.tw, telephone (03) No. 475-7777.


TSLG Headquarters: Yangmei Taiwan tel :+886-3-475-7777 Email : nylok@nylok.com.tw
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